The idea of the Kids Marathon is to give school children the opportunity to complete a marathon throughout the course of the school year by running laps of a course once or twice a week during their break time or in gym classes. The concept is based on personal achievement rather than competition. This encourages all children, regardless of fitness ability to take part by running as much or as little as they choose. This helps to;

• Engage the least active pupils in after school activities

• Makes break times more stimulating and challenging

• Challenges children to be improve personal fitness

• Maximises participation and increases chances of kids taking part in regular sport/competition

We introduce the program in to each school or Maison Relais. Each venue will have a set of kit to do the Kids Marathon;

• Flags to mark out a course

• Coloured lap bands that the children collect as they go around to know how much they have run

• Progress then charted on a website

• Log in for each child to track their progress

• Marathon booklet for each child

• Poster for the school classrooms

• Certificates of progress

• Medals

The kids take part in their session running the course. On each lap they collect the lap band. At the end they can input the distance run in to their progress chart.

At different distances they will receive a certificate of their progress – 10km, 21.1km, and on completing the full marathon 42.2km. At the end of the year each kid who completes the marathon will get a medal and a certificate. For those that do not complete the distance they will get a certificate stating the distance run.

We will also hold running events in parks where kids can come (with Mum and Dad) and take part in running and collect lap bands. So there are opportunities for kids to get more lap bands outside of school or Maison Relais.

We also plan to offer a triathlon event over the course of the school year too.


Isabelle Klein & Simon Smallbone